Survey2Persona: A tool for analysis of survey data
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Get Actionable Personas with your Survey Data

Survey2Persona is your solution! The powerful solution that utilizes Generative AI and Machine Learning
to transform survey data into visually appealing and easily understandable Personas.

Get Actionable Personas with your Survey data

Survey2Persona is your solution! Survey2Persona analyzes and visualizes survey data into
Personas for easier understanding

What is Survey2Persona?

Survey2Persona is a tool for the analysis and visualization of survey data. With a few clicks, you can turn your raw survey data into visualized personas that can give you so much more value and insight.

Why use Survey2Persona?

  • Personas make the data visualized and easy to interpret
  • Having the data represented by personas helps the designer to understand customers' needs, experiences, behaviors and goals
  • Personas make data memorable, keeping the customer 'front & center'
  • Requires no knowledge of statistics from the user
  • Free tool

2 ways of generating personas

Comprehensive Persona Creation

This involves using all types of questions in a survey to filter out respondents who do not meet certain criteria and create personas based on the remaining respondents.

Machine Learning Based Segmentation

This involves applying machine learning algorithms to the responses to Likert scale questions, rating scale questions, and closed ended questions to identify groups of respondents who share similar characteristics or attitudes.

Generate personas to help your organization

Customer Satisfaction
Transform your customer satisfaction surveys into personas that represent your customers and how they feel towards your business
Employee Engagement
Understand your employees and retain the best talents, and work on enhancing the culture and experience.
Universities or Schools
Enhance your university or school system by understanding your current and prospective students.
Understand and support your patients by turning their feedback surveys into actionable personas.
User Research
Understand your users better to develop a user centered product design.
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Contact us today

  • Send an email to Acua support (
  • In the email, please explain why you want to use Survey2Persona (i.e., what things you want to learn from your survey data)
  • Also include links to your survey data sources (e.g., Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics), if available.

If you are eligible for collaboration, we will reach out to you for the next steps!

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